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An Adobe Premiere timeline containing hundreds of audio and video clips on several tracks.


Editing is all about finding the best way to tell a story. Over the last two decades Stephen has had the opportunity to tell many great stories — documentaries, feature films, commercials, and more.


If you’re looking for a passionate and dedicated editor, look no further. Need someone to design a post-production workflow for your project? Stephen can do that, too. Is your film already edited, but needs some extra polish? He’s your guy.

Large white text on a dark chalkboard. A line of poetry.


Dynamic text. Animated maps and charts. Bringing photos and drawings to life. Motion graphics are a great way to add visual impact to your project.


Stephen has created motion graphics for all kinds of marketing and advertising — from education to real estate to consumer electronics.


He also uses motion graphics to create memorable and dramatic visuals for documentary films.

A color-graded befor and after image of a red-haired woman lying in a pile of leaves.


The perfect shot deserves the perfect look. Using industry standard DaVinci Resolve software,  Stephen uses color to give your project the professional finish it needs to have maximum visual impact.


Stephen has graded fifteen narrative and documentary features, as well as dozens of commercials, short films, music videos, and more.


His color grading work has been seen at Sundance, Slamdance, and in national ad campaigns.


Image from a video streaming site of the film "Jayhawkers" available to watch.

When you’re finishing your film, sometimes it seems like there’s always another step before you are really, totally, for real done.


Whatever still needs to happen, Stephen has the experience to see it through to the end.


Conforming. Mastering. Disc authoring. DCPs. Creating deliverables for distributors. Stephen knows what it takes to get your project across the finish line.

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